Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Golden Lily By Richelle Mead

My Review/Reaction to "The Golden Lily" By Richelle Mead.

The Following Review has SPOILERS!Please, if you have not read the book, refrain from reading this review before hand. Rated: PG/PG13.


Every year there's always a few books I look forward the most. Richelle Mead's Book are always on top of the list. This year? It was the arrival of "The Golden Lily." and to my delight, I'm proud to say It didn't disappoint. I literally started reading from 6PM all the way 7:30AM. Because as with all of Ms. Mead's book, once I open I can't put it down.
I love everything about her Vampire Academy/Bloodlines books. The world has always been so detailed to me. so drawn out that I am always left in awe of it. What I love best? her characters are so vivaid. Their alive. and so full of spunk that It's so hard to choose who to dislike. That's rare to find in a book.
With The Golden Lily, I was captiated back into the Vampire world of Ms. Mead. I was happy to have this book finally. I literally jumped in the air and did a dance once I had in in my hands. (I mean after the cliff hanger of the last c'mon?)  and , I couldn't put this book down. It was filled with tons of questions and familar twists and Characters I've loved for years now. It was like coming home again. Haha.
Sydney Sage is a wonderful girl to read through. Though she is wordy at times, she is completely relatable. I feel myself more drawn to her then even the pervious heroine Rose. (Though I don't know if my thoughts count for anything since I haven't forgiven Rose for what she did in the last book of VA. call me stubborn...) But Sydney is such a normal girl, who doesn't realize she's normal. She's very insecure and everything around her is questioned with every desicion she makes. Mostly regarding to her Vampire 'family'. (Whose relationship, I ADORE! EEEK!)
Somtimes I feel like Sydney takes HUGE steps to ruinning with the vamps and then..her brainwashing (Which is what it is, don't try to change my mind Ms Mead!) kicks in and she's like "Oh no!!" Totally not her fault since she was raised that way. How is she able to not jump Adrian Ivashkov's bones I will never know. I would of done tapped that LONGGGGG time ago. Then again Adrian and I go away back. His character has changed SO MUCH since FrostBites. I feel at times he's a completely different character from who he was originally, but then he'll say something that will crack me up and I know it's my baby.
There's a lot of stuff going on with The Golden Lily. Personally, some of it I'm not even sure I'll remember tomorrow. (I hope I can. O_O) But over all once again Mead writes a kickass book! and leaves everyone hanging!


Mead is grinning, I Know it.

Another note is that I don't even know why Jill and Sydney are on the book cover together. The book's main focus was Adrian and Sydney's forbidden, lovely romance that even Sydney is blind too. (I MEAN REALLY GIRL, HOW NAIVE ARE YOU???)
who else is naive? Jill. Not nearly as much as Miss Sage, as she certianly has grown since the last book, but damn. Her "GET HIM" Clock works late. (Yet. another pairing not doing what I want...sigh.)
The Golden Lily had tons of new characters. Some I grew to love and some I wish I drove over with Adrian's new 1967 mustang. (SWOON.) I'M TALKING TO YOU BRODY-WHOSE-NAME-IS-NOT BRODY-  There was also old characters who showed up who I enjoyed greatly in this book. (STILL WAITING ON CHRISTIAN MS MEAD!!! ;) ) Also, am I the only one who saw LOTS of foreshadow in this book? I see bad shit happening you guys. This ride isnt over and it's already making my head spin. :D

Really, aside from my obvious praise, The only bad thing I could possibly say is not really bad at all. Some of the plot was dranged out. Some things, again got wordy, but what girl isn't wordy? so the pace was a bit slow. But Mead's writing and world totally makes up for that I couldn't even notice. I do realize Ms. Mead has the ability to shatter once hopes and dreams just with one chapter alone.
that's how amazingly talented that woman is.

Now, I must go sleep. because like Sydney in the second chapter, I'm on the verge of dying due to the lack it. (See, I do remember all of it!)


Tiff's Rating: FIVE cookies out of five.

PS- With all my reviews I tend to go back and edit the pervious post. I'll probably will edit it this one. it looks good now, but with sleep I might think differently.


  1. I definitely felt there was foreshadowing in this book, and it freaks me out lol
    I also agree that Jill/Sydney should not have been on the cover, but like you said -- It should have been Adrian/Sydney given most of this book was about them.

    Also, I tagged you in the Liebster Blog Award. It's like some questions about you and blogging so your audience can get to know you better. Here's the link to mine if you wanna fill it out:

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