About Tiff

Hi Peoples!

I'm Tiff. Welcome to Books and Cookies. My Book Blog!

Here's things you need to know about MOI!
I'm 24. I bake, I want to bake for a living. Hopefully decorating cakes in the near future. I live on one of the sets of The Vampire Diaries. (Yes! That show with the hotties!) and I am a avid reader of both books and fanfictions. I also write fanfictions. Though no worries, my grammar is better on there then it is on here. (Thanks to my co-writer!)  I have a Toy Poodle and she is my baby. Her name is Jenna and she's vicious. Hahaha.
Along with books and writing, I love watching TV. Dancing in the rain, and playing games on my Iphone. (No, I am not making a dating video!) I also have a baked good fetish. (As if you didn't know already...)

Favorite Books are:
The Hunger Games
The Infernal Devices
The Hush, Hush Saga
The Bloodline series
The Vampire Academy
The Iron Fey series
and so much more.

Pictures of me and my crew. :)

My Babies. right to left: Jordan, Nathan, Riley.

The youngest of the crew. Harrison.

Me reading with my Grimlin, Jenna.

So, That's abut it.
If you wish to contact me, go to the Contact Tiff Tab and message me. :) I love meeting new people.


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