Friday, August 10, 2012

Beyond the Highland Mist By Karen Marie Moning

My Review/Reaction to "Beyond The Highland Mist" By Karen Marie Moning

The Following Review has SPOILERS!Please, if you have not read the book, refrain from reading this review before hand. Rated: M for mature readers.

Yes. This is actually a review. Shocking I know. and No it's not the book I said I was going to read. Sometimes things happen and I end up in the mood for a totally different book then what I intended to read. and in this case, It happened with this book. I was looking for something a little more adult because, honesly I don't read enough of them and so I was recommended The Highlander Series by Ms. Karen Marie Moning.

Now, I was given a lot of books to read recently. All the Highlander books included and for some reason or other I choose this one to read first. Which is ironic considering Ms. Moning's books and I don't usually see eye to eye. She is worldly known for her FEVER series and for some reason that series and I do not get along together. I have friends everywhere telling me to try to read that series and try again. I have tried about three times and they still haven't given up hope. It's not that I'm not into her writing. Clearly she is well versed in her art. I finished this book in six hours tops, if that's any indication to her talent. I honestly think it's because she has Alien, fae monsters popping up in her last book series and that's weird to me. and scary. But moving on. This review is about Highlander one Not the FEVER series.

I really did enjoy this book. The characters were fun to read. The Banter between Hawk and Adrianne were gold. and I found myself really entertianed about them in general. I think their po-sex interactions were my favorite part in this book.  Hawk is basically every woman's dream come true to the point where even the Immortal beings want him for his hotself. and it's because that, He has certian Immortals wanting revegenge. Thats where Adrianne comes in. She's from 1997. (I'm guessing when the book was published?) and she becomes a chess peice in their little game against Hawk. (Pun, definately intended here folks. Haha. aren't I funny?)  She gets sucked into the 1500's Scotland. and she literally forced into marrying Hawk as Mad Janet.

What I liked about this is Adrianne really does tries to keep her voice and her beliefs in order. Women back in this time did not have the right to speak so willingly and she straight up didn't get that memo. She tries to tell people she is who she is, and she ends up getting punished for it. Which seemed accurate to me. There were some parts where I wanted to choke dear Adrianne just because she seems a little judgemental in someways and fickled. Like when Olivia comes to visit. especially for someone who has her own secrets. But over all I think she was a pretty good character. I would of wanted to see more chat about Adrainne and actually telling Hawk about her ex. I would of liked it to be more clear on her past with him didn't make me like the story less.

 I would of also liked to have seen Adrianne miss her home more. Her time. To me it would of been more realistic but I guess when you have no family, 1500's Scotland looks really good. :)

There is this fae named Adam who had me actually liking him to me thinking he was a douche. He was very entertianing to read making want to bitch slap him and hug him at the same time. I do know he has a book in the series that I definately am looking forward too. I love that Adam has many known names, one being Puck from A MidSummer Night's Dream.
(Hello Iron Fay fan here!) However I definately can't think of Puck as evil as Adam...But I still enjoyed him..

There's also Grimm. Hawk's best friend. Some might not like him in this series but over all I actually kind of did. he does things that make him look like a jerk but in all honestly we all probably would of done the same in this situation. He's such a loyal friend and I really did like him. I like him even more in the next Highlander book which I've already read because I'm quick like that.

As I've said, the book was ACE. There were some moments where I held my breath, and over all the book was a page turner. I definately liked how it ended and I couldn't put it down. The sex scenes? I'm picky. I like details and a lot of verbal responses. (Kinky I know) But over all these were pretty hot. If I do say so myself. YAY MS. MONING!

I'll definately be reading the rest of this series. that I would recommand anyone looking for a quicky. (Dirty...Dirty...Dirty..)

Tiff's Rating: FOUR cookies out of five.


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