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To Tame A Highlander Warrior By Karen Marie Moning

My Review/Reaction to "To Tame A Highlander Warrior" by Karen Marie Moning

The Following Review has SPOILERS!Please, if you have not read the book, refrain from reading this review before hand. Rated: M for mature readers.


Yes. Yes. another Highlander Review. I said I already read the second book. and so of course I have to say what I think don't I?

Much like other Adult Novels this book is focused on another Highland Couple. Which was foreshadowed in the last book. and this time it's Grimm and Jillian's turn.

Now, I will be the first to tell you I don't like it when couples already know each other in books. Ashton and America from THE SELECTION ringing any bells? But Some how or other Ms. Moning has made me care for Grimm and Jillian. Which suprised me and pleased me. I was told by some that this wasn't their favorite in the series and I actually found that I enjoyed it just as much as the last. In someways more so then the first.

Grimm, my darling Grimm has had more secrets then Hawk and Adrienne even realized. His name's not even Grimm for crying out loud. Hell! HE'S NOT EVEN HUMAN.

You know, I thought Grimm was a sweet guy in the last book. Reserved I guess is a way I could decribe him but Nope. He's actually a brutal beast when he wants to be. I guess I could see a little of that in the last book with him and Adrianne, though Grimm's eyes never actually changed colors in the last book while he was yelling at her. But somehow they do in this book? Shrugs.

When Grimm was just a child his clan was attacked by McKane. Hunters of his species. Forcing Grimm to turn into what he was. A Berserker. (O.o) Killing multiple men, Grimm fleas and finds himself being Govern by the St. Clairs. and protecting Jillian. Their young empressional daughter who is instantly smitten. (Isn't that how all the romance novels start?) After another Attack from McKane trying to find Grimm, Grimm leaves The St. Clairs but not before kissing/Making out with Jillian. Then 16.  (ALRIGHT GIRL. GOT YOURSELF A 22 YEAR OLD. WOOHOO.)

Years past and Grimm is now the Grimm we know in the first Highlander books. He is asked to come for Jillian's hand. (Though he doesn't know that till he gets there.)

Jullian and Grimm's relationship go through all the phases of denial. even to the point where Grimm tries to get Jullian to hook up with friend? (Um...I thought Hawk was your BFF GRIMM???)
While Grimm and Jullian are playing keep away, Grimm's father is alive and waiting for his son to return. and there's a threat against Grimm. From some unknown source and McKane. But that doesn't stop those two crazy lovers to finally get it on. (WHILE NOT MARRIED!)

I will say I enjoyed their sex scenes more then Hawk&Adrianne. More voical. ;) and more experimental. There was some plot twist that I liked and over all I enjoyed this book just as much as Beyond The Highland Mist.

Jullian was sweet, but when it came to Grimm she was such a brat and he pointed that out. Grimm made me like him more and more in this book and made me feel sorry for him.

There were a few things that confused me. and that was Grimm left again only to turn back around to steal Jillian from her wedding to Quinn...umm...why did you even bother dude? Why not just have her while you were there?
Another thing it was clear that Grimm killed this one person but not McKane. How did that bastard die? they even wrote out a scene or anything. Weird. it just said in one sentence. BAM!
McKane died in year 15--BLAH BLAH BLAH. I was thinking they were going to be more clear about that. Hmm.

Over all I give this a great rating. It was a good followup with the first book and I was really happy to see Grimm get a good ending considering his upbringing was wayyy screwy. :(

Tiff's Rating: FOUR cookies out of five.


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