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Spells by Aprilynne Pike

Review/Reaction of 'Spells' by Aprilynne Pike

The Following Review has SPOILERS!
Please, if you have not read the book, reframe from reading this review before hand.

Ello strange lurkers!

I am so excited that I finally finished this book. It took me longer then I thought it would, due to personal life. (It was Mother's Day, plus my neice's first birthday. busy busy!) But that does not mean I didn't enjoy this fantastic book. Because I did! If fact, I'm not scared to admit that I liked this book more then the first. I'd scream it in public if people didn't look at me so weirdly. Which they would. (more so then they already do already. ;) )
What do I love about this book? why has it captured my interest so much? The better question is what haven't I loved?
Lets begin from the beginning shall we?
the first page, starts with Laurel and....Tamani. (see, I told you this book was already better then the first! SQUEE!) It has been months since my BB, got to see his girl. so much has happened with both of them. Tamani is going through a 'lost' and Laurel is actually living it up with David as her official boyfriend.

-I really should try to review this, in the most unbiased way I can....Le. Sigh. I DON'T see this going well.-

I loved that we actually got to see Avalon for real in this book. the details are better in this one then in the last. I thought I was seeing everything pretty clearly in the novel. where as for the last book, I felt like I was missing a puzzle peice. Thank god that's different now. The characters are also growing in this book. Which was a MAJOR plus. I love character development. I feel like Laurel has truely...bloomed in this book. (pun not intented.) She's a bit sarcastic, willing to do anything for her family, and not afraid of what she is anymore. She has accepted it. She's not so naive and she's definately not afraid to speak her mind when it comes to family members. Her voice just seems so much clearer to me in this book in the last and I actually found that I enjoy her character as a whole more. She really is a typical girl. Thinking her boyfriend is it for her when it comes to love. Yet she also struggles with Avalon and of course her feelings for Tamani. (I had to throw him in...he's just....djhjfd!)
Avalon to her is a whole new world that she has grown to love. Though like any regular human, she struggles with the society rules. Especially when it comes to her relationship with a Spring Fairie. Not quite understanding that she, as a Fall Fairie is in a total different class then her friend. (*COUGH* LOVER *COUGH*)
Laurel is balancing two worlds, and I love to see her have problems dealing with both. Teenagers by nature have a lot going on. Add in responabilities to a magical world, and can be a bit much. Especially when your into two different boys from each. It makes a lot of angst in the book and as everyone should know any angst is GOOD ANGST. in my mind.
Aside from Avalon, Laurel is dealing with a mother who (rightfully so) is freaking out that her daughter is not human. That part, I LOVED. But also I felt a bit annoyed at her mother who seems to be avoiding her only daughter, by not even looking at her wings, or walking out the room when Laurel is there. A part of me feels like her mother is a bitch, but then Ms. Sewell is dealing with the supernatural. Realizing the Fairies in her mother's backyard played her. and Played her good too by putting one of their own on her porch. I totally get the freak out.

aside from Laurel, there's her suiters. Her boys. Her lovers. Her TEAM LAUREL FANS.

Okay, Okay. Here's my thoughts (FINALLY) on the triangle.
I still don't feel anything for David. Nothing lost. and Nothing gained. He's a good kid. almost to the point where he's TOOOOO GOOOOD..what with his moral code of cheating and what not. He's gun happy too. Which is understandable given that he nearly died. He just seems to easy though. with him and Laurel. and I personally never go the easy route. It's like Jacob Black in SMeyer's Eclipse saying "It'd be easy as breathing."
I hate that. No relationhip should be easy. The should not always be so damn happy. it's not how the world works, and when you pick up a book, and such you don't want to read about a instant HEA. right away. You want fights. You want passion. You want confusion. and Though admittedly Laurel and David did fight. (especially about Tamani) it just seemed to...petty. I have to say though even though I care zip about David...that scene with Tamani/David/Laurel. I feel sorry for the guy. I will give him props for having to put aside his emotions with Laurel for the greater good. WELL DONE DAVID. Your not a asshat. Bravo. another thing about David that I can't ignore is he wants Laurel to choose for herself. On her future. Good boy, David. Good Boy.


Tamani in the triangle is who I probably feel most sorry for. (Didn't see that one coming did you?) He has years of being in love with this girl. His best friend at a time. and yet she plays him worse then she does with David. Because atleast she admits to David openly that she loves him. Yet everytime she goes to Avalon she feels like she's nearly going to kiss Tamani. I'm so proud of Tamani for sticking to his guns in THAT scene. (we'll call the T/L/D scene THAT scene. Kay?) I'm proud that he basically told her that she was scared to choose between them, because then she wouldn't have her cake and eat it too. AMAZING for his character. who has made it clear, he'd do anything for her. Even break society rules. He was just so fed up with all her bull crap. and he has good reason for it too. in THAT scene. He was hurt and angry, and so...fucking amazing.
The only thing I would comment on in this character is he expects so much of Laurel. for her to choose him and be in Avalon with him. But when your in love it's kind of hard not too. Being with her makes him forget that she doesn't remember being friends. (FIX THAT PIKE! I WANT HER TO REMEMBER!) and that way she looks at Tamani, I could definately see why that is. He just wants her to choose him. be with with him. But that doesn't mean he should pressure her to staying, then again he is right. it's her birthright to be there like the rest of them. ANGST I tell you. Angst.

Now the ending of the book.
(Remeber, I warned you of spoilers)


fangirl dies. I love Cliffhangers. and Hate them at the same time. You amazing woman Pike. Can't wait to start the next book, which I do today.

For other reasons as to why I enjoyed it so much:
The book is fast pace. faster then the last. and has a LOT going on. Barnes is back and evil evil evil! There's new characters, new questions and a whole hell of a lot of fairie stuff happening in Laurel's world and it's lovely. Over all, if your into sexy Fairies and triangles then READ READ READ. if your think your too grown up to be reading about Avalon and Fairies. I got a question for you. Why are you reading my page?

Happy Readings,

Tiff's Rating: FIVE cookies out of five.


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