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Destined By Aprilynne Pike

Review/Reaction of 'Destined' by Aprilynne Pike

The Following Review has SPOILERS!
Please, if you have not read the book, reframe from reading this review before hand.

My Heart.
My soul. 
This. This book right here is how you end a series my friends. THIS.
I can even begin to decribe how happy I am with this book. It could possibly be my favorite in the series. This or the second. Because this book is a perfect balance between ANGST romance too ACTION PACK!! It picks off right where the cliffhanger left us.  (Which I ADORE. Because if I'm being honesty, I hate how the other books there's a year in between. call me crazy...) There are fights. There is blood. and THERE. ARE FAIRIES.
Of course there's a hint of Aurthurian Legends to satisfied my fangirl self, with TONS of Tamani. and Tamani & Laurel. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
and Everything a book needs to end things in a realistic, but amazing way.

*Composes self*
This book had a lot of things happening. and was mostly set in the Magical World of Avalon. The Fairie world is set in utter despair. Where both Races have to team up together to save everyone of Avalon.

As for the four characters, their character developments in this book were STELLER :D
I wasn't a big fan of David. Still find him blah but He certianly proved himself to be rather important in this book. and I'm thrilled. He's not just a part of the triangle. But he's a puzzle peice to the victory of Avalon (and Over all series as it turns out!!) I was very happy with David by the end of the book. He certian has been through a lot for the Fairies, especially for as a human.
as for Chelsea. I've grown rather fond of this girl. She'll hilarious and sweet and everyone can relate to her, but she doesn't wasn't a spacefiller or just for the LOLz. She plays a part in saving the Faeries too, I love that both humans were not just there. But what the faeries actually needed the most. It was brilliant storytelling from Ms. Pike for coming up with a way for the races to come together and not in a rushed way. The book was Realistic for both David and Chelsea and I'm so happy with how they came together to help their friends. I partically enjoyed Tamani and Chelsea's unlikely friendship in this book. Definately made Tamani appericate humans more, which is what I think he needed as a character to grow.
He has lost so much in this book and yet gained everything as well. I will say I am THRILLED with the ending he got but in some ways it was bittersweet. as he has lost so many in the war of Trolls and Faeries. as I've said, I really did enjoy his arch. He still has conflicts over Laurel vs. Avalon and which comes first but over all I believe he finally realized What he had to do in the end.
Laurel as a character grew and grew. and I love the change in her from this book to the first. Personally, I would still have liked that she remembered Tamani from years pier, but we can't have everything in a series. I loved to see her reaction to things she learns about the Faeries and how they effected her human family. and realizing that not eveything can be shared with them. I also loved that no matter how tragic things seem, Laurel finds it within herself to never change her beliefs. I love that she explained what her problem was with Tamani and David and I loved that she took the time to really realize what she wanted and in the end she accepted her feelings. Not wanting to be afraid of anymore. I am so happy with whom she ended up with. Words can not express.

This book was such a page turner, I couldn't put it down. There are some things I would loved to be explained, especially with Laurel and the little Winter Faerie but it wasn't completely left to where it needed another book to explain. I'm happy with just my mind wondering on it's own. (Of course If Ms. Pike wanted to write another Wings book, I will never object.)
I feel like the book series is done. and flowed wonderfully. and It has definately made me a fan of Ms. Pike in general. Any Book from her can now look forward to be read by moi. Thank you Ms. Pike for the world that you created! Can't not wait to see what comes next from you! I will definately miss Laurel, Tamani, Chelsea and maybe even David. Hope you guys all enjoy these reviews/reactions almost as  much as I've enjoyed writing them for this series.

Happy Readings Darlings.

Tiff's Rating: FIVE cookies out of five.


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