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Delirium by Lauren Oliver

 My Review/Reaction of 'Delirium' by Lauren Oliver.

The Following Review has SPOILERS!
Please, if you have not read the book, refrain from reading this review before hand. Rated: PG/PG13.


Sorry if the format of this is not the usual. My computer had a unfortunate death due to the Gremlin who resides in my house. She chewed up the wire. I'm very unpleased and now stuck using the app from my iPhone. God bless Apple right?

Now on to the review.
This book is amazing. The characters are so alive and beautifully written that it really made me feel like I was living in their world. With their belief system. In this world, love is a illness. It kills. It digs inside of you and changes your life forever. They even have a cure. By the time your eighteen, you must be cut and slipt open and become one of the cured. In this world, it means happiness.

Every person in Lena's world is basically brainwashed. And turned into Zombies. The country is controlled by a very Nazi-like government. Often people die because their "infected."
In a lot of ways this story is the most depressing of all. What's the famous saying?
"Better to Love and lost, then to not love at all."
I kept thinking of that line throughout this whole book. And it really touched me on how much we take love for granted. Even simple love, like from a mom or dad. This book excelled at making feel like your apart of this society. I even began to question if love is worth all the fuss in this book. I'm proud to say, that yes. Love is worth everything. Thank you Ms. Oliver for reminding me of that.

Now the tone of the book is very different then most books I've read. The characters are really normal everyday teens. Lena Holoway is a very self conscious, envious teen who finds herself throughout the course of the novel. Which I like. I like that her views in love start one way and end another. Everything she knows is questioned when she meets the beautiful Alex.


I have to say, I actually enjoyed him. He has his beliefs and he's not all boring to read. I'm impressed. Since the last book I read, "THE IMMORTAL RULES" I said I like triangles for the choice factor but Alex alone is done very well in this book. I even found him sexy in some parts. Which shocked me. Congrats Ms. Oliver! You made me not hate the "main" pairing! It's a rarity. Though I would of loved to see more build up, the pace of their relationship isn't so bad and a part of me believes if they waited any longer to hook up, Lena wouldn't of been open minded about falling in love with him. Alex had to get in and plant himself inside her head from the start. Their time was ticking after all, what with Lena's upcoming lab visit. And it's because of that factor, Lena and Alex were quite inspiring. Forbidden. And one of the reasons why I felt a little for them. :) they were tragic from the start.

Now I'm told by my friend there is a triangle in the next book, which I already started. I wonder who the other guy is...I'm definitely excited and impatient. Since the last book ended in what I call a "MindFuck."I can only think this book will do the same...oh boy.

The only thing negative I can say about Delirium is sometimes the scenes can be a little dragged out to much. Lena is a very wordy character and she likes to talk about the see-nary a little more then what I'd like. Maybe your different though. Maybe you'll be happy with the pace. But to me, I wanted to hurry up and get to the action part. Which I knew was coming. So see, the dragging was good and bad. Now I was going to say that this book was a bit predictable. Till the "Mindfuck" thing happened to me Now I can say that that's not the case. Thankfully. I mean, I'm still sitting here with my mouth hung open. Thinking about the turn of events and wondering what the hell just happened. And who is this brilliant woman, Ms. Oliver? And can I love her forever? (UNCURED FTW!)

And because I was "Mindfucked" so beautifully by said woman, you won't mind me, if I hurry to leave you to go read book 2.

Happy Readings!


Tiff's Rating: FIVE cookies out of five.


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