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Mark of Athena: Cover Reveal!

Here it is kids! Pretty exciting stuff! Looks kind of epic!

Delirium by Lauren Oliver

 My Review/Reaction of 'Delirium' by Lauren Oliver.

The Following Review has SPOILERS!
Please, if you have not read the book, refrain from reading this review before hand. Rated: PG/PG13.


Sorry if the format of this is not the usual. My computer had a unfortunate death due to the Gremlin who resides in my house. She chewed up the wire. I'm very unpleased and now stuck using the app from my iPhone. God bless Apple right?

Now on to the review.
This book is amazing. The characters are so alive and beautifully written that it really made me feel like I was living in their world. With their belief system. In this world, love is a illness. It kills. It digs inside of you and changes your life forever. They even have a cure. By the time your eighteen, you must be cut and slipt open and become one of the cured. In this world, it means happiness.

Every person in Lena's world is basically brainwashed. And turned into Zombies. The country is controlled by a very Nazi-like government. Often people die because their "infected."
In a lot of ways this story is the most depressing of all. What's the famous saying?
"Better to Love and lost, then to not love at all."
I kept thinking of that line throughout this whole book. And it really touched me on how much we take love for granted. Even simple love, like from a mom or dad. This book excelled at making feel like your apart of this society. I even began to question if love is worth all the fuss in this book. I'm proud to say, that yes. Love is worth everything. Thank you Ms. Oliver for reminding me of that.

Now the tone of the book is very different then most books I've read. The characters are really normal everyday teens. Lena Holoway is a very self conscious, envious teen who finds herself throughout the course of the novel. Which I like. I like that her views in love start one way and end another. Everything she knows is questioned when she meets the beautiful Alex.


I have to say, I actually enjoyed him. He has his beliefs and he's not all boring to read. I'm impressed. Since the last book I read, "THE IMMORTAL RULES" I said I like triangles for the choice factor but Alex alone is done very well in this book. I even found him sexy in some parts. Which shocked me. Congrats Ms. Oliver! You made me not hate the "main" pairing! It's a rarity. Though I would of loved to see more build up, the pace of their relationship isn't so bad and a part of me believes if they waited any longer to hook up, Lena wouldn't of been open minded about falling in love with him. Alex had to get in and plant himself inside her head from the start. Their time was ticking after all, what with Lena's upcoming lab visit. And it's because of that factor, Lena and Alex were quite inspiring. Forbidden. And one of the reasons why I felt a little for them. :) they were tragic from the start.

Now I'm told by my friend there is a triangle in the next book, which I already started. I wonder who the other guy is...I'm definitely excited and impatient. Since the last book ended in what I call a "MindFuck."I can only think this book will do the same...oh boy.

The only thing negative I can say about Delirium is sometimes the scenes can be a little dragged out to much. Lena is a very wordy character and she likes to talk about the see-nary a little more then what I'd like. Maybe your different though. Maybe you'll be happy with the pace. But to me, I wanted to hurry up and get to the action part. Which I knew was coming. So see, the dragging was good and bad. Now I was going to say that this book was a bit predictable. Till the "Mindfuck" thing happened to me Now I can say that that's not the case. Thankfully. I mean, I'm still sitting here with my mouth hung open. Thinking about the turn of events and wondering what the hell just happened. And who is this brilliant woman, Ms. Oliver? And can I love her forever? (UNCURED FTW!)

And because I was "Mindfucked" so beautifully by said woman, you won't mind me, if I hurry to leave you to go read book 2.

Happy Readings!


Tiff's Rating: FIVE cookies out of five.

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Currently Reading!

Currently Reading:

After much debate I have decided to read....

DELIRIUM by Lauren Oliver!

Before scientists found the cure, people thought love was a good thing. They didn’t understand that once love -- the deliria -- blooms in your blood, there is no escaping its hold. Things are different now. Scientists are able to eradicate love, and the government demands that all citizens receive the cure upon turning eighteen. Lena Holoway has always looked forward to the day when she’ll be cured. A life without love is a life without pain: safe, measured, predictable, and happy.

But with ninety-five days left until her treatment, Lena does the unthinkable: She falls in love.

(Cover in the currently reading Section of the Blog. ---->>)

Thanks for sticking with me. See you guys in the next review! (Hopefully ;) )


The Immortal Rules By Julie Kagawa

Review/Reaction to 'The Immortal Rules' By Julie Kagawa.

The Following Review has SPOILERS!
Please, if you have not read the book, reframe from reading this review before hand.

Woohoo!! I feel amazing. Of course this always happens when a book from a favorite writer of mine. and now is no different. The Immortal Rules was everything a vampire book should be plus some. Packed with blood, action, sword fighting and life or death situations. For me, this book was a brilliant mix of "The Hunger Games Meets Twilight" only with no sparkling vampires. What did I love most? The main character. THIS PEOPLE IS HOW YOU WRITE A HEROENE! I Fallen in LOVE with Allie. Her whit, her over all badass attuitude everything. She's one of the strongest female characters I have ever read in a book and the main reason why I enjoyed this story so much. She's beauitful, strong, independent and with flaws. and I want to run to Julie Kagawa and bow to her for creating such a girl for me to enjoy. She's kind of like Rose from The Vampire Academy (In the beginning of the series) mixed together with Katniss Everdeen.
Now I know I know, I'm mixing a lot of fandoms together for this book but believe me this book also stands on it's own two feet. I really nervous for Julie when I heard about this series, since it's about Vampires and I know how tough we vamp-groupies can be, but I should of known this woman can pull it off. My excitement for the book made me pick it up and it was Julie's fantastic writing skills that brought me from the beginning to end. Now, the book did start slow. I was beginning to wonder for JUST a second, but then BAM.
I was sucked in like a vampire suck blood. (Okay that was lame but still! It happened!) I read and read. till finally I couldn't read anymore and I had to sleep. Only I didn't sleep cuz I had stuff to do that day. THANK YOU JULIE! ;)
Pretty soon, the slow start happened for a reason. and what a reason it was. Everything started picking up once Ms. Kagawa introduced Boys into the mix. (of course.) and what interesting boys we got this time around. I will say that while I did rather enjoy the boys this time around from Julie, I can't commint to one of them as I did with Ash or even Puck. I did love Kanin as a indiviual character, he was strong, badass, detached and wise beyond messure however, the boy (Or was he a man? You know I can't remember. I just pictured him as hot. :P ) needs to lighten up.Of course I can totally understand why he couldn't chill for a second with everything going around. I did enjoy Kanin and Allie's friendship. The way he taught her everything about being a Immortal was really cool, and the fact that he added to her badassary by giving her a weapon just officially made me get the "TEAM KANIN" Sticker for my blog. Do I love them romantically? Not really...I wouldn't object to the pairing, but in the long run I know who Allie is gonna end up with. She has no romantic feelings towards Kanin where as with Zeke she instantly was drawn to him. Does that mean I ship Allie&Zeke? *shrugs* At this point, I feel like I don't have a choice. There really is no triangle in this book. It was made pretty obvious that Allie & Zeke were the "IT" couple of the series. I just hope maybe we'll see a triangle down the road. I'd love to see some romantic angst weather it involves Kanin or not, is yet to be seen. By the end of the book however, signs point to No. Kanin and Allie will never be that way. What with him keep referring to her as his Offspring and Jackel calling her his sister. It now officially seems wrong to play with the idea of Allie and Kanin. But Kanin is still a badass. Therefore, The Sticker Sticks. ;)
Now moving on to Zeke. I did enjoy Zeke. He was the beam of light in this dark story. He was good, pure and honest guy, Whose beliefs got questioned a lot during the events of the book. Which I enjoyed. I enjoy when a character questions themselves greatly. I really felt for Zeke as a indiviual too. Especially with his relationship with Jeb and the hardships he has to handle from his father. No kid, I don't care if he understands the reasons or whatever no children should have their beiefs forced on him like that. What I also enjoyed, one of the things about Allie and Zeke is how they had a hint of forbidden romance going around. With Zeke, falling for a vampire is completely against everything he was raised against. Sure in this book its a lot to handle dealing with a vampire and falling for them but for a Zeke and his christianity it's definately even more unheard of and hard on him, because to him it's undoing everything he was taught.
I also enjoyed Allie's struggles to her vampisim. Going from Human to Vampire was very hard on her. Because the people whom she once cared for now hate her. and you see, how that one moment effects her relationship with the circle of Humans finding Eden. Once again the character of Allie/Allison was BREATHTAKING. I ADORE HER!
Over all, However because I feel like I have no choice, and there is no other option of weather or not to like Zeke&Allie, I can decide if I love or like them. (see, too postives it's not that bad.) at one point I feel like their forced on me as a reader and then they have one of those moments where I wanted to scream "KISS ALREADYYYY!" it's very conflicting as a reader and now fan of the book. Who knows, maybe Julie will shock me and have Allie and Kanin have something now that the ending of the book ended the way it did. Like I said I wouldn't object.
All together aside from not deciding to like the couple or not, I LOVED this book. The world is rather depressing. I felt somewhat creeped out in some scenes, but there were parts where I wanted to cry and laugh. and When you have those three things happening in the book, You know your reading something genuis. Well done Julie for creating a vampire book and making it fresh. I love you for it. you continue to stun me to silence. I will be reading the next book when it comes out. Can't wait..

Tiff's Rating: FOUR AND A HALF cookies out of five.

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The Lost Prince: Cover Reveal!

The Lost Prince: Cover reveal!

 It's awesome! I've been meaning to post this on my Blog for some time now, Just so I could properly SQUEE about this beast. It's AMAZING. Just like the rest of the Iron Fey books. Apparently Ethan Chase grew up and decided to go shirtless. and Though this may be wrong on many levels, I do not object to the view. He grew up nice! The cover is captivating and beauitful. I love the color sheme of the book and it makes me want it right now!
Love you Julie Kagawa! CAN'T WAIT for this new adventure!

Changes to Book & Cookies!

Hi Guys,
I just wanted to let you know, that Book and Cookies is going under some changes. Some noticable, some not.
Thanks to Jen from The Book Twins for helping out with everything. Not everything is finished but it's a start and I couldn't be more grateful to the lovely lady.
Changes are also done in the tab section, with the About Tiff, and Contact info. ALSO! I am not taking Review requests at the moment. I'm still needing to figure Blogger out before I add more to this delicious plate of mine.

If there's anyone out there in the internet world who has photoshop and feel the need to give to my charity, please contact me. I could really use the help.

Thanks lovelies.


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Currently Reading: The Immortal Rules

Currently Reading: I am very excited to start this book. It's been a while since got my hands on a new Vampire Series and this one has been catching my eyes ever since I became a Julie Kagawa fan. I've loved her since I read The Iron Fey Series so I know she wont disappoint me. The fact that this book is already optioned off for a movie also speaks volumes. I only wish that there's a good triangle and possibly a smoking hot guy in the mix. (*winks*) As you all know I am a fictional boy whore. and I'm proud. I'm mostly hoping for a character like Puck from the Iron Fey series because he was hilarious. and a sexy guy like Ash as well. Here's to hoping! The cover certianly looks breathtaking as do all of Julie's covers. :)


'The Immortal Rules' By Julie Kagawa 
Of the Blood Of Eden Series

In a future world, Vampires reign. Humans are blood cattle. And one girl will search for the key to save humanity.

Allison Sekemoto survives in the Fringe, the outermost circle of a vampire city. By day, she and her crew scavenge for food. By night, any one of them could be eaten.

Some days, all that drives Allie is her hatred of them. The vampires who keep humans as blood cattle. Until the night Allie herself is attacked—and given the ultimate choice. Die… or become one of the monsters.

Faced with her own mortality, Allie becomes what she despises most. To survive, she must learn the rules of being immortal, including the most important: go long enough without human blood, and you will go mad.

Then Allie is forced to flee into the unknown, outside her city walls. There she joins a ragged band of humans who are seeking a legend—a possible cure to the disease that killed off most of humankind and created the rabids, the mindless creatures who threaten humans and vampires alike.

But it isn’t easy to pass for human. Especially not around Zeke, who might see past the monster inside her. And Allie soon must decide what—and who—is worth dying for.

Rated: Undecided.

Destined By Aprilynne Pike

Review/Reaction of 'Destined' by Aprilynne Pike

The Following Review has SPOILERS!
Please, if you have not read the book, reframe from reading this review before hand.

My Heart.
My soul. 
This. This book right here is how you end a series my friends. THIS.
I can even begin to decribe how happy I am with this book. It could possibly be my favorite in the series. This or the second. Because this book is a perfect balance between ANGST romance too ACTION PACK!! It picks off right where the cliffhanger left us.  (Which I ADORE. Because if I'm being honesty, I hate how the other books there's a year in between. call me crazy...) There are fights. There is blood. and THERE. ARE FAIRIES.
Of course there's a hint of Aurthurian Legends to satisfied my fangirl self, with TONS of Tamani. and Tamani & Laurel. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
and Everything a book needs to end things in a realistic, but amazing way.

*Composes self*
This book had a lot of things happening. and was mostly set in the Magical World of Avalon. The Fairie world is set in utter despair. Where both Races have to team up together to save everyone of Avalon.

As for the four characters, their character developments in this book were STELLER :D
I wasn't a big fan of David. Still find him blah but He certianly proved himself to be rather important in this book. and I'm thrilled. He's not just a part of the triangle. But he's a puzzle peice to the victory of Avalon (and Over all series as it turns out!!) I was very happy with David by the end of the book. He certian has been through a lot for the Fairies, especially for as a human.
as for Chelsea. I've grown rather fond of this girl. She'll hilarious and sweet and everyone can relate to her, but she doesn't wasn't a spacefiller or just for the LOLz. She plays a part in saving the Faeries too, I love that both humans were not just there. But what the faeries actually needed the most. It was brilliant storytelling from Ms. Pike for coming up with a way for the races to come together and not in a rushed way. The book was Realistic for both David and Chelsea and I'm so happy with how they came together to help their friends. I partically enjoyed Tamani and Chelsea's unlikely friendship in this book. Definately made Tamani appericate humans more, which is what I think he needed as a character to grow.
He has lost so much in this book and yet gained everything as well. I will say I am THRILLED with the ending he got but in some ways it was bittersweet. as he has lost so many in the war of Trolls and Faeries. as I've said, I really did enjoy his arch. He still has conflicts over Laurel vs. Avalon and which comes first but over all I believe he finally realized What he had to do in the end.
Laurel as a character grew and grew. and I love the change in her from this book to the first. Personally, I would still have liked that she remembered Tamani from years pier, but we can't have everything in a series. I loved to see her reaction to things she learns about the Faeries and how they effected her human family. and realizing that not eveything can be shared with them. I also loved that no matter how tragic things seem, Laurel finds it within herself to never change her beliefs. I love that she explained what her problem was with Tamani and David and I loved that she took the time to really realize what she wanted and in the end she accepted her feelings. Not wanting to be afraid of anymore. I am so happy with whom she ended up with. Words can not express.

This book was such a page turner, I couldn't put it down. There are some things I would loved to be explained, especially with Laurel and the little Winter Faerie but it wasn't completely left to where it needed another book to explain. I'm happy with just my mind wondering on it's own. (Of course If Ms. Pike wanted to write another Wings book, I will never object.)
I feel like the book series is done. and flowed wonderfully. and It has definately made me a fan of Ms. Pike in general. Any Book from her can now look forward to be read by moi. Thank you Ms. Pike for the world that you created! Can't not wait to see what comes next from you! I will definately miss Laurel, Tamani, Chelsea and maybe even David. Hope you guys all enjoy these reviews/reactions almost as  much as I've enjoyed writing them for this series.

Happy Readings Darlings.

Tiff's Rating: FIVE cookies out of five.

Illusions By Aprilynne Pike

Review/Reaction of 'Illusions' By Aprilynne Pike

The Following Review has SPOILERS!
Please, if you have not read the book, reframe from reading this review before hand.
Ah. Okay so I'mma be honest. I finished this series this morning. Already having read "Distened" In the Wings series. But I will try to seperate the two books because there's a lot to discuss regarding this book in order to get to the last. Which I will review after. (Because OMG)

First things first, I believe Aprilynne Pike's writing skills improve with every book she writes. I love seeing that in a writer. Once again, The angst in this book is so well written that I feel like tearing up. The book starts off with Laurel and David, once agian talking with their Spunky (I LOVE HER) friend Chelsea whom since last book is learning about Fairies and Trolls. But who pops up in their school as a foreign exchange while they talk about the coming year?
Okay, lets be frank here. This had me squee'ing all over the place. Because where the last book left off Tamani had a plan and a Mission. and we find out it's to join the real world of Humans. To truely protect his beloved Laurel 100%! Because the threat of Trolls is still around, and With the new character of Klea sneaking about? He has a reason to believe Laurel and Avalon are in danger! Not mention it gives him a chance to fight for Laurel's warly affections. I ADORE THIS TRIANGLE. I love Tamani's struggles with the huamn world. and him being tore between protecting Laurel and Protecting Avalon. Doing what's right. It's very apparent in this book. Plus, now that this amazing boy is no longer isolated to one place in this series, He's like a force to be reckoned with. Putting up his A Game. I like that. What I also loved? He puts up his A+ But not by forcing himself on Laurel. Just be being there, Laurel is conflicted with him. His very presance dampers on David and Laurel's relationship.
The writer does a amazing job showing Laurel's conflected Emotions. Her loving David, and her pull toward's Tamani. Each boy once again repersenting seperate parts of her character. David = The Human Laurel. Tamani = The Fairie Laurel. What I really like? is Laurel taking a a stand with each boy. What also Laurel has to deal with, is a new character named Yuki (Or as I like to call her. YUCKY!) And her unbreakable need to be Jealous of Tam and Yuki's growing bond. There's a lot of mystery with this book. Who is Yuki? Who is Klea? Why does Laurel have headaches, and What will happen with Avalon. There's a lot of everything in this book, a lot of things I didn't expect and of course it ends in a LOVELY cliffhanger. (Which is why I read the last book so soon....Stopping Judging. :P)
Once again if you want a Triangle, some Fairies, some trolls. Look no further, THIS BOOK'S FOR YOU. :D

Happy Reading Darlings!


Tiff's Rating: FOUR cookies out of five.

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Spells by Aprilynne Pike

Review/Reaction of 'Spells' by Aprilynne Pike

The Following Review has SPOILERS!
Please, if you have not read the book, reframe from reading this review before hand.

Ello strange lurkers!

I am so excited that I finally finished this book. It took me longer then I thought it would, due to personal life. (It was Mother's Day, plus my neice's first birthday. busy busy!) But that does not mean I didn't enjoy this fantastic book. Because I did! If fact, I'm not scared to admit that I liked this book more then the first. I'd scream it in public if people didn't look at me so weirdly. Which they would. (more so then they already do already. ;) )
What do I love about this book? why has it captured my interest so much? The better question is what haven't I loved?
Lets begin from the beginning shall we?
the first page, starts with Laurel and....Tamani. (see, I told you this book was already better then the first! SQUEE!) It has been months since my BB, got to see his girl. so much has happened with both of them. Tamani is going through a 'lost' and Laurel is actually living it up with David as her official boyfriend.

-I really should try to review this, in the most unbiased way I can....Le. Sigh. I DON'T see this going well.-

I loved that we actually got to see Avalon for real in this book. the details are better in this one then in the last. I thought I was seeing everything pretty clearly in the novel. where as for the last book, I felt like I was missing a puzzle peice. Thank god that's different now. The characters are also growing in this book. Which was a MAJOR plus. I love character development. I feel like Laurel has truely...bloomed in this book. (pun not intented.) She's a bit sarcastic, willing to do anything for her family, and not afraid of what she is anymore. She has accepted it. She's not so naive and she's definately not afraid to speak her mind when it comes to family members. Her voice just seems so much clearer to me in this book in the last and I actually found that I enjoy her character as a whole more. She really is a typical girl. Thinking her boyfriend is it for her when it comes to love. Yet she also struggles with Avalon and of course her feelings for Tamani. (I had to throw him in...he's just....djhjfd!)
Avalon to her is a whole new world that she has grown to love. Though like any regular human, she struggles with the society rules. Especially when it comes to her relationship with a Spring Fairie. Not quite understanding that she, as a Fall Fairie is in a total different class then her friend. (*COUGH* LOVER *COUGH*)
Laurel is balancing two worlds, and I love to see her have problems dealing with both. Teenagers by nature have a lot going on. Add in responabilities to a magical world, and can be a bit much. Especially when your into two different boys from each. It makes a lot of angst in the book and as everyone should know any angst is GOOD ANGST. in my mind.
Aside from Avalon, Laurel is dealing with a mother who (rightfully so) is freaking out that her daughter is not human. That part, I LOVED. But also I felt a bit annoyed at her mother who seems to be avoiding her only daughter, by not even looking at her wings, or walking out the room when Laurel is there. A part of me feels like her mother is a bitch, but then Ms. Sewell is dealing with the supernatural. Realizing the Fairies in her mother's backyard played her. and Played her good too by putting one of their own on her porch. I totally get the freak out.

aside from Laurel, there's her suiters. Her boys. Her lovers. Her TEAM LAUREL FANS.

Okay, Okay. Here's my thoughts (FINALLY) on the triangle.
I still don't feel anything for David. Nothing lost. and Nothing gained. He's a good kid. almost to the point where he's TOOOOO GOOOOD..what with his moral code of cheating and what not. He's gun happy too. Which is understandable given that he nearly died. He just seems to easy though. with him and Laurel. and I personally never go the easy route. It's like Jacob Black in SMeyer's Eclipse saying "It'd be easy as breathing."
I hate that. No relationhip should be easy. The should not always be so damn happy. it's not how the world works, and when you pick up a book, and such you don't want to read about a instant HEA. right away. You want fights. You want passion. You want confusion. and Though admittedly Laurel and David did fight. (especially about Tamani) it just seemed to...petty. I have to say though even though I care zip about David...that scene with Tamani/David/Laurel. I feel sorry for the guy. I will give him props for having to put aside his emotions with Laurel for the greater good. WELL DONE DAVID. Your not a asshat. Bravo. another thing about David that I can't ignore is he wants Laurel to choose for herself. On her future. Good boy, David. Good Boy.


Tamani in the triangle is who I probably feel most sorry for. (Didn't see that one coming did you?) He has years of being in love with this girl. His best friend at a time. and yet she plays him worse then she does with David. Because atleast she admits to David openly that she loves him. Yet everytime she goes to Avalon she feels like she's nearly going to kiss Tamani. I'm so proud of Tamani for sticking to his guns in THAT scene. (we'll call the T/L/D scene THAT scene. Kay?) I'm proud that he basically told her that she was scared to choose between them, because then she wouldn't have her cake and eat it too. AMAZING for his character. who has made it clear, he'd do anything for her. Even break society rules. He was just so fed up with all her bull crap. and he has good reason for it too. in THAT scene. He was hurt and angry, and so...fucking amazing.
The only thing I would comment on in this character is he expects so much of Laurel. for her to choose him and be in Avalon with him. But when your in love it's kind of hard not too. Being with her makes him forget that she doesn't remember being friends. (FIX THAT PIKE! I WANT HER TO REMEMBER!) and that way she looks at Tamani, I could definately see why that is. He just wants her to choose him. be with with him. But that doesn't mean he should pressure her to staying, then again he is right. it's her birthright to be there like the rest of them. ANGST I tell you. Angst.

Now the ending of the book.
(Remeber, I warned you of spoilers)


fangirl dies. I love Cliffhangers. and Hate them at the same time. You amazing woman Pike. Can't wait to start the next book, which I do today.

For other reasons as to why I enjoyed it so much:
The book is fast pace. faster then the last. and has a LOT going on. Barnes is back and evil evil evil! There's new characters, new questions and a whole hell of a lot of fairie stuff happening in Laurel's world and it's lovely. Over all, if your into sexy Fairies and triangles then READ READ READ. if your think your too grown up to be reading about Avalon and Fairies. I got a question for you. Why are you reading my page?

Happy Readings,

Tiff's Rating: FIVE cookies out of five.

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Currently Reading: Spells by Aprilynne Pike

Currenly Reading: I can not wait to read this. I don't know when I'll start it. It all depends on when I get my hands on the iBook for my phone. Remember. My eReader totally died on me. I suspect I'll get it within the day or the next. Keep your fingers crossed. cuz I NEED more Tamani! ;)

'Spells' by Aprilynne Pike
of The Wings Series.

Six months have passed since Laurel saved the gateway to the faerie realm of Avalon. Now she must spend her summer there, honing her skills as a Fall faerie. But her human family and friends are still in mortal danger--and the gateway to Avalon is more compromised than ever.

When it comes time to protect those she loves, will she depend on David, her human boyfriend, for help? Or will she turn to Tamani, the electrifying faerie with whom her connection is undeniable?

Rated: Undecided.

Wings By Aprilynne Pike

Review of 'Wings' By Aprilynne Pike

The Following Review has SPOILERS!
Please, if you have not read the book, reframe from reading this review before hand.

Finally, I'm back to reading young adult fiction. My personal favorite gene. I'm so glad I started back in with this book. For not only is the cover beauitful and fitting, It is actually quite a decent book. If your into fairies and magical worlds. Which lately I am. Not only is it about fairies, it has AURTHURIAN LEGENDS. My inner-fangirl was squealing with joy over that. I love me some Merlin action, Avalon, Trolls. You name it. I love it. and 'Wings' has it. I love the mythology of the fairies in this book. it's new and different, without it being a a huge leap. In this story the fairies are in fact Planets, walking, breathing, living planets. who are born from Seeds. (Hello Thumblina!) and the main character finds out that's exactly what she is. Laurel is in complete denial about the obvious, which is realistic, and she confines her secrets to her friend and love interest David. Whose a science geek with his own microsope. Personally, I will admit, I have no love for David as a character. He's a Male-Mary Sue. and lack any personally, humor and the spark that draws you to a character. I could honestly tell someone that I don't like him and I don't hate him. He's just...there. His crush is very apparent from the get go, where as Laurel feels...unsure of David. Not knowing what she wants with him. He's not completely handsome but he's not ugly either. I believe her feelings are mook at this point, where as everyone around the school keep pushing her to define her feelings right away. Which she just doesn't know right now. Though that doesn't stop Laurel from stealing a kiss with the boy-next-door. Or him.
Their interaction was completely normal for friends, till they started macking on each other then it's weird. and to be frank I found their relationship boring.
Laurel as a character is realistic but also quite bland, but somehow endearing. relatable. (That is if I were too, growing wings on my back.) Naive to the extreme. She has showed signs of not being normal from beginning. No need of washing her hair, her eatting habits, lack of heart beat, and she never has had a cut or anything sort of blood come out of her. I blame this on her parents and their sheltering ways. and now that she's at normal school instead of homeschool, it's opened her eyes too the differences. But still. You would think one would notice?
It's about halfway in the book that things really picked up.....
Okay, I'm lying.
It's when Tamani came into the picture that I got sucked in.
I am famous for falling for the quick whit, cocky, forward types and Tamani (Though the name is girly--I soon forget about that detail though. He's hot.) is no different. He had me from the first scene he walked in on. I love how he was decribed with the Green and Black hair--I found that really creative and down right cool. I personally felt more for Laurel and Tamani's interactions. (Hello, Their kiss was earth shattering and made my heart pound. where David's multple kisses did nada for moi.)
The whole time after reading his first scene, I just wanted Laurel to go back into the forrest and get to chatting with Tam! The only thing that made me question if I liked them as a pairing was the build up and it turns out Tamani and Laurel were BFFs back in the day and Laurel's memory had been erased leaving Tamani heartbroken and determind to have his girlpal back.
so basically that could only sway me in one direction.
The Poor BB, lost his best friend and fell in love with her throughout the years knowing she couldn't remember him.
HELLOOOO.. how couldn't ship that? (aside from you David shippers?)
He was hands down the best character. and the way the book ended, it just gave me hope for them. I Loved it.
As for the writing, it's very easy to read. not at all complicated/ the only thing I would criticize is the details. I could use a little bit more. and that it didn't flow. Maybe if I read the actual book verson and not the iBook, It would of been formatted differently but I still stand by my statement on the details. I wanted to see things more clearly in my head, and maybe it was just me but on something, I just couldn't.( it was mainly in the David and Laurel scenes. Maybe I'm biased. Haha. )
Over all I would definately recommend this book if you want a filler book. Like say if your having trouble figuring out what to read next and your pressing for time. Pick this book up. You wont be disappointed. especially when Tamani comes into place. The next book needs more of him. perferably shirtless.

Happy Readings.

Tiff's Rating: FOUR cookies out of five.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Fifty Shades Darker By E.L James

Review of  'Fifty Shades Darker' By E.L James

The Following Review has SPOILERS!
Please, if you have not read the book, reframe from reading this review before hand.

Rated: M for Mature readers.

I will make this a somewhat short review of Fifty Shades Darker, Since it's been a little while since I've read it. (A little over a week) and the book is mixing a little with Fifty Shades Freed.

Fifty Shades Darker is by far my favorite in this book series. As I perdicted from the first novel, I enjoyed it a lot more then the last book.  Christian has grown in my eyes. I started to actually like Mr. Fifty Shades, and could easily see why Anasastia Steele fell for him. But once again Christian's controlling nature puts my feelings for him at bay. and I fustrates me to no end. I'm not going to lie, the pairing of Christian and Ana annoyes me. Because where as he grows as a person, she comes acorss as weak. I really was hoping for a little bit more of a resistance to Christian from Ana. I wanted to see Christian work for her forgiveness, given their last encounter, but low and behold, the evening he appears to say sorry, these two crazy cats get hot and fresh. Admittly, it's the way Ana wants it. She wants the vaniella sex and Christian is up for that as long as he has Ana, but there is no limit where Christian Grey tries to control this woman. I stated in the Fifty Shades Freed review that I liked one scene where Ana found her voice and gave Mr. Grey a word-lashing. But I truely believe that scene should of happened in this book. These two should of talked about Elena in this book, They should of talked period. I understood why these two didn't actually have the get to know you thing going on for them because Christian didn't want that. He wanted Ana as a submissive, but once he started wanting Ana as more then a Sub. I wanted to ask him. Why? Why did he want her? he didn't really know her, truely. What he knows is what he got by stalking her. and getting her background checked. Oh and how she responds while he pleasures her. Her body he knows, Her date of birth and the latter? most definately but What is her favorite color? What is her favorite movie? How does she feel about this topic and this topic?
None of those he knows. I know knowing those things don't equal up to love. But Christian believes Ana is a brave, strong woman. I'm just trying to figure out how and why.
Elena once again makes her apperence in this book. and once again I hate her. I can't stand cougars. and she just makes me sick. Ex-Subs are everywhere in this book and it turns out Christian likes to punish burnettes. I would be more freaked out by this personally, but Ana seems perfectly fine with everything. He's her Fifty Shades after all. ( O.o )
The pace in this book is a lot better then the last. I like the drama of Christian and Elena, and even Jack Hyde. (Ana...your a moron for wanting to go to NY. I even knew that douche was bad. BLIND WOMAN!)
The writing is about the same as it is in the rest of the book. The sex is...there. as always. Christian is barable here. Ana is...*SKIPS*
over all this book was better. I loved the I love yous from Christian. Very in character. The Elena scene in the back with Grace being a BADASS MILF? check.
Over all...This is book I liked the most. and if the last book was like this one I would of recommend it.

Happy Readings Lovlies!


Tiff's Rating: FOUR cookies out of Five.

Fifty Shades Freed By E.L James

Review of 'Fifty Shades Freed' By E.L James

The Following Review has SPOILERS!
Please, if you have not read the book, reframe from reading this review before hand.

Rated:  M for Mature readers.

I know I'm making this series' review completely out of order but, I have to write this while it's fresh in my mind. Please forgive. I will be posting 'Fifty Shades Darker' soon. Possibly after this post as a matter of fact.


Now, on to the good stuff.
Fifty Shades Freed picks up a little bit after Fifty Shades Darker left off. Ana and her Fifty Shades of fucked up are married and of course their emerging themselves in a top notch honeymoon, curisty of Christian Grey. I will give the man this, he sure knows how to please a woman. in the bedroom and in the gift department. It makes me was gonna go out and land a billionaire for myself. Though their honeymoon is not all sunshine and roses as this is Anastasia Steel-now-Grey and Christian Grey we are talking about. Throughout the whole book, I began to see a Patterning with these two. They have their light moments. Which make you go aw, they have their bumps. They have war--*coughs*--Fights.and then they make up by having either 'vanilla' sex or 'Kinky Fuckery.' as they called it. There is no between with these two. No fight that is to small. No disagreement, because when they do, Ana usually decides it's not worth the fighting. Since I've been reading this series, I've had to ask myself...Would I put up with Christian as Ana does?
and Today, I have my answer.
Fuck No.
No matter what problem Christian Grey has, weather it's his predo-ex or his whore of a mother, That makes no excuse for how he treats Ana and over all everyone around him. Near the end, I even started to hate the bastard just a little bit. I even started to wonder if I should even finish, since I already knew the ending. It was obvious that Ana was going to forgive him. Of course. Still it wasn't just Christian who fustrated me. At first it was Ana. Christian even seemed reasonable in the beginning of the book, What with everything that was going on. Ana seemed insistant on not even considering his demands about trying to keep herself safe.
It just makes me feel like I'm reread 'Twilight' again during those scenes.
I will say that though the couple annoyed the hell out of me, the plot was once again better then the first book. Jack Hyde was again apparent and Ana giving herself over to him was....predictable. I think the reason why that is is because I've read so many fanfics in my past that I could tell the route that it's gonna go. Fifty Shades was indeed a fanfic, and it has the formula for that. What I did like in the book is Christian seeing Elena after swearing he wouldn't. Because THAT shocked me. And made Ana pissed off enough that she actually found her voice. She gave him what he needed. a nice word-lash. and I loved it. If she had kept that up through the book series, I could honesly see myself loving the character.
and even though at this point in the story, I was mad at Christian I still felt something when Ana went to the bank. I don't know how to explain it but I felt bad for the arse. I blame the writing in the book. Though it's not the best written peice of lit known to man, I felt for Mr. Grey. Which makes me question my sanity.
as for the pace of the book. It started off slow. and about half way, it got better. I believe the second book is my favorite. It honestly took me to long to read and I partly blame the pace.
Now the best part of the book? the part I'VE been waiting for?
Christian realizing what he and Ms. Robinson had, was...WRONG.
It's sad to see that he couldn't see it before then, but when he finally did, I could hug the control freak. No matter what he's done. He didn't deserve what happened to him. No one does. and finally hearing about how that Elena bitch kiss him and slapped him grossed the shit out of me. They should of had that talk a longgg time ago. They should of had a LOT of chats like that to be truthful. But then again...This is Fifty Shades. about S&M. Not the best romance ever.
I'm giving this book a 3 1/2 because I did finish it. It had SOME aspects I liked. But the characters were too fusrating for me to truely enjoy this book. I congratulate Ms. James though for writing and getting published. That's a fret all Fanfiction writers dream of, and I'm likely jealous of her acommplishments.
Next time she writes a book though? Lack off the Fanfic formula and write characters who aren't as control, nor blind.

That's all peeps.

Happy Readings!

Tiff's Rating: THREE IN A HALF cookies. out of five.