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The Immortal Rules By Julie Kagawa

Review/Reaction to 'The Immortal Rules' By Julie Kagawa.

The Following Review has SPOILERS!
Please, if you have not read the book, reframe from reading this review before hand.

Woohoo!! I feel amazing. Of course this always happens when a book from a favorite writer of mine. and now is no different. The Immortal Rules was everything a vampire book should be plus some. Packed with blood, action, sword fighting and life or death situations. For me, this book was a brilliant mix of "The Hunger Games Meets Twilight" only with no sparkling vampires. What did I love most? The main character. THIS PEOPLE IS HOW YOU WRITE A HEROENE! I Fallen in LOVE with Allie. Her whit, her over all badass attuitude everything. She's one of the strongest female characters I have ever read in a book and the main reason why I enjoyed this story so much. She's beauitful, strong, independent and with flaws. and I want to run to Julie Kagawa and bow to her for creating such a girl for me to enjoy. She's kind of like Rose from The Vampire Academy (In the beginning of the series) mixed together with Katniss Everdeen.
Now I know I know, I'm mixing a lot of fandoms together for this book but believe me this book also stands on it's own two feet. I really nervous for Julie when I heard about this series, since it's about Vampires and I know how tough we vamp-groupies can be, but I should of known this woman can pull it off. My excitement for the book made me pick it up and it was Julie's fantastic writing skills that brought me from the beginning to end. Now, the book did start slow. I was beginning to wonder for JUST a second, but then BAM.
I was sucked in like a vampire suck blood. (Okay that was lame but still! It happened!) I read and read. till finally I couldn't read anymore and I had to sleep. Only I didn't sleep cuz I had stuff to do that day. THANK YOU JULIE! ;)
Pretty soon, the slow start happened for a reason. and what a reason it was. Everything started picking up once Ms. Kagawa introduced Boys into the mix. (of course.) and what interesting boys we got this time around. I will say that while I did rather enjoy the boys this time around from Julie, I can't commint to one of them as I did with Ash or even Puck. I did love Kanin as a indiviual character, he was strong, badass, detached and wise beyond messure however, the boy (Or was he a man? You know I can't remember. I just pictured him as hot. :P ) needs to lighten up.Of course I can totally understand why he couldn't chill for a second with everything going around. I did enjoy Kanin and Allie's friendship. The way he taught her everything about being a Immortal was really cool, and the fact that he added to her badassary by giving her a weapon just officially made me get the "TEAM KANIN" Sticker for my blog. Do I love them romantically? Not really...I wouldn't object to the pairing, but in the long run I know who Allie is gonna end up with. She has no romantic feelings towards Kanin where as with Zeke she instantly was drawn to him. Does that mean I ship Allie&Zeke? *shrugs* At this point, I feel like I don't have a choice. There really is no triangle in this book. It was made pretty obvious that Allie & Zeke were the "IT" couple of the series. I just hope maybe we'll see a triangle down the road. I'd love to see some romantic angst weather it involves Kanin or not, is yet to be seen. By the end of the book however, signs point to No. Kanin and Allie will never be that way. What with him keep referring to her as his Offspring and Jackel calling her his sister. It now officially seems wrong to play with the idea of Allie and Kanin. But Kanin is still a badass. Therefore, The Sticker Sticks. ;)
Now moving on to Zeke. I did enjoy Zeke. He was the beam of light in this dark story. He was good, pure and honest guy, Whose beliefs got questioned a lot during the events of the book. Which I enjoyed. I enjoy when a character questions themselves greatly. I really felt for Zeke as a indiviual too. Especially with his relationship with Jeb and the hardships he has to handle from his father. No kid, I don't care if he understands the reasons or whatever no children should have their beiefs forced on him like that. What I also enjoyed, one of the things about Allie and Zeke is how they had a hint of forbidden romance going around. With Zeke, falling for a vampire is completely against everything he was raised against. Sure in this book its a lot to handle dealing with a vampire and falling for them but for a Zeke and his christianity it's definately even more unheard of and hard on him, because to him it's undoing everything he was taught.
I also enjoyed Allie's struggles to her vampisim. Going from Human to Vampire was very hard on her. Because the people whom she once cared for now hate her. and you see, how that one moment effects her relationship with the circle of Humans finding Eden. Once again the character of Allie/Allison was BREATHTAKING. I ADORE HER!
Over all, However because I feel like I have no choice, and there is no other option of weather or not to like Zeke&Allie, I can decide if I love or like them. (see, too postives it's not that bad.) at one point I feel like their forced on me as a reader and then they have one of those moments where I wanted to scream "KISS ALREADYYYY!" it's very conflicting as a reader and now fan of the book. Who knows, maybe Julie will shock me and have Allie and Kanin have something now that the ending of the book ended the way it did. Like I said I wouldn't object.
All together aside from not deciding to like the couple or not, I LOVED this book. The world is rather depressing. I felt somewhat creeped out in some scenes, but there were parts where I wanted to cry and laugh. and When you have those three things happening in the book, You know your reading something genuis. Well done Julie for creating a vampire book and making it fresh. I love you for it. you continue to stun me to silence. I will be reading the next book when it comes out. Can't wait..

Tiff's Rating: FOUR AND A HALF cookies out of five.


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