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Wings By Aprilynne Pike

Review of 'Wings' By Aprilynne Pike

The Following Review has SPOILERS!
Please, if you have not read the book, reframe from reading this review before hand.

Finally, I'm back to reading young adult fiction. My personal favorite gene. I'm so glad I started back in with this book. For not only is the cover beauitful and fitting, It is actually quite a decent book. If your into fairies and magical worlds. Which lately I am. Not only is it about fairies, it has AURTHURIAN LEGENDS. My inner-fangirl was squealing with joy over that. I love me some Merlin action, Avalon, Trolls. You name it. I love it. and 'Wings' has it. I love the mythology of the fairies in this book. it's new and different, without it being a a huge leap. In this story the fairies are in fact Planets, walking, breathing, living planets. who are born from Seeds. (Hello Thumblina!) and the main character finds out that's exactly what she is. Laurel is in complete denial about the obvious, which is realistic, and she confines her secrets to her friend and love interest David. Whose a science geek with his own microsope. Personally, I will admit, I have no love for David as a character. He's a Male-Mary Sue. and lack any personally, humor and the spark that draws you to a character. I could honestly tell someone that I don't like him and I don't hate him. He's just...there. His crush is very apparent from the get go, where as Laurel feels...unsure of David. Not knowing what she wants with him. He's not completely handsome but he's not ugly either. I believe her feelings are mook at this point, where as everyone around the school keep pushing her to define her feelings right away. Which she just doesn't know right now. Though that doesn't stop Laurel from stealing a kiss with the boy-next-door. Or him.
Their interaction was completely normal for friends, till they started macking on each other then it's weird. and to be frank I found their relationship boring.
Laurel as a character is realistic but also quite bland, but somehow endearing. relatable. (That is if I were too, growing wings on my back.) Naive to the extreme. She has showed signs of not being normal from beginning. No need of washing her hair, her eatting habits, lack of heart beat, and she never has had a cut or anything sort of blood come out of her. I blame this on her parents and their sheltering ways. and now that she's at normal school instead of homeschool, it's opened her eyes too the differences. But still. You would think one would notice?
It's about halfway in the book that things really picked up.....
Okay, I'm lying.
It's when Tamani came into the picture that I got sucked in.
I am famous for falling for the quick whit, cocky, forward types and Tamani (Though the name is girly--I soon forget about that detail though. He's hot.) is no different. He had me from the first scene he walked in on. I love how he was decribed with the Green and Black hair--I found that really creative and down right cool. I personally felt more for Laurel and Tamani's interactions. (Hello, Their kiss was earth shattering and made my heart pound. where David's multple kisses did nada for moi.)
The whole time after reading his first scene, I just wanted Laurel to go back into the forrest and get to chatting with Tam! The only thing that made me question if I liked them as a pairing was the build up and it turns out Tamani and Laurel were BFFs back in the day and Laurel's memory had been erased leaving Tamani heartbroken and determind to have his girlpal back.
so basically that could only sway me in one direction.
The Poor BB, lost his best friend and fell in love with her throughout the years knowing she couldn't remember him.
HELLOOOO.. how couldn't ship that? (aside from you David shippers?)
He was hands down the best character. and the way the book ended, it just gave me hope for them. I Loved it.
As for the writing, it's very easy to read. not at all complicated/ the only thing I would criticize is the details. I could use a little bit more. and that it didn't flow. Maybe if I read the actual book verson and not the iBook, It would of been formatted differently but I still stand by my statement on the details. I wanted to see things more clearly in my head, and maybe it was just me but on something, I just couldn't.( it was mainly in the David and Laurel scenes. Maybe I'm biased. Haha. )
Over all I would definately recommend this book if you want a filler book. Like say if your having trouble figuring out what to read next and your pressing for time. Pick this book up. You wont be disappointed. especially when Tamani comes into place. The next book needs more of him. perferably shirtless.

Happy Readings.

Tiff's Rating: FOUR cookies out of five.


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