Thursday, May 24, 2012

Illusions By Aprilynne Pike

Review/Reaction of 'Illusions' By Aprilynne Pike

The Following Review has SPOILERS!
Please, if you have not read the book, reframe from reading this review before hand.
Ah. Okay so I'mma be honest. I finished this series this morning. Already having read "Distened" In the Wings series. But I will try to seperate the two books because there's a lot to discuss regarding this book in order to get to the last. Which I will review after. (Because OMG)

First things first, I believe Aprilynne Pike's writing skills improve with every book she writes. I love seeing that in a writer. Once again, The angst in this book is so well written that I feel like tearing up. The book starts off with Laurel and David, once agian talking with their Spunky (I LOVE HER) friend Chelsea whom since last book is learning about Fairies and Trolls. But who pops up in their school as a foreign exchange while they talk about the coming year?
Okay, lets be frank here. This had me squee'ing all over the place. Because where the last book left off Tamani had a plan and a Mission. and we find out it's to join the real world of Humans. To truely protect his beloved Laurel 100%! Because the threat of Trolls is still around, and With the new character of Klea sneaking about? He has a reason to believe Laurel and Avalon are in danger! Not mention it gives him a chance to fight for Laurel's warly affections. I ADORE THIS TRIANGLE. I love Tamani's struggles with the huamn world. and him being tore between protecting Laurel and Protecting Avalon. Doing what's right. It's very apparent in this book. Plus, now that this amazing boy is no longer isolated to one place in this series, He's like a force to be reckoned with. Putting up his A Game. I like that. What I also loved? He puts up his A+ But not by forcing himself on Laurel. Just be being there, Laurel is conflicted with him. His very presance dampers on David and Laurel's relationship.
The writer does a amazing job showing Laurel's conflected Emotions. Her loving David, and her pull toward's Tamani. Each boy once again repersenting seperate parts of her character. David = The Human Laurel. Tamani = The Fairie Laurel. What I really like? is Laurel taking a a stand with each boy. What also Laurel has to deal with, is a new character named Yuki (Or as I like to call her. YUCKY!) And her unbreakable need to be Jealous of Tam and Yuki's growing bond. There's a lot of mystery with this book. Who is Yuki? Who is Klea? Why does Laurel have headaches, and What will happen with Avalon. There's a lot of everything in this book, a lot of things I didn't expect and of course it ends in a LOVELY cliffhanger. (Which is why I read the last book so soon....Stopping Judging. :P)
Once again if you want a Triangle, some Fairies, some trolls. Look no further, THIS BOOK'S FOR YOU. :D

Happy Reading Darlings!


Tiff's Rating: FOUR cookies out of five.


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