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Fifty Shades Freed By E.L James

Review of 'Fifty Shades Freed' By E.L James

The Following Review has SPOILERS!
Please, if you have not read the book, reframe from reading this review before hand.

Rated:  M for Mature readers.

I know I'm making this series' review completely out of order but, I have to write this while it's fresh in my mind. Please forgive. I will be posting 'Fifty Shades Darker' soon. Possibly after this post as a matter of fact.


Now, on to the good stuff.
Fifty Shades Freed picks up a little bit after Fifty Shades Darker left off. Ana and her Fifty Shades of fucked up are married and of course their emerging themselves in a top notch honeymoon, curisty of Christian Grey. I will give the man this, he sure knows how to please a woman. in the bedroom and in the gift department. It makes me was gonna go out and land a billionaire for myself. Though their honeymoon is not all sunshine and roses as this is Anastasia Steel-now-Grey and Christian Grey we are talking about. Throughout the whole book, I began to see a Patterning with these two. They have their light moments. Which make you go aw, they have their bumps. They have war--*coughs*--Fights.and then they make up by having either 'vanilla' sex or 'Kinky Fuckery.' as they called it. There is no between with these two. No fight that is to small. No disagreement, because when they do, Ana usually decides it's not worth the fighting. Since I've been reading this series, I've had to ask myself...Would I put up with Christian as Ana does?
and Today, I have my answer.
Fuck No.
No matter what problem Christian Grey has, weather it's his predo-ex or his whore of a mother, That makes no excuse for how he treats Ana and over all everyone around him. Near the end, I even started to hate the bastard just a little bit. I even started to wonder if I should even finish, since I already knew the ending. It was obvious that Ana was going to forgive him. Of course. Still it wasn't just Christian who fustrated me. At first it was Ana. Christian even seemed reasonable in the beginning of the book, What with everything that was going on. Ana seemed insistant on not even considering his demands about trying to keep herself safe.
It just makes me feel like I'm reread 'Twilight' again during those scenes.
I will say that though the couple annoyed the hell out of me, the plot was once again better then the first book. Jack Hyde was again apparent and Ana giving herself over to him was....predictable. I think the reason why that is is because I've read so many fanfics in my past that I could tell the route that it's gonna go. Fifty Shades was indeed a fanfic, and it has the formula for that. What I did like in the book is Christian seeing Elena after swearing he wouldn't. Because THAT shocked me. And made Ana pissed off enough that she actually found her voice. She gave him what he needed. a nice word-lash. and I loved it. If she had kept that up through the book series, I could honesly see myself loving the character.
and even though at this point in the story, I was mad at Christian I still felt something when Ana went to the bank. I don't know how to explain it but I felt bad for the arse. I blame the writing in the book. Though it's not the best written peice of lit known to man, I felt for Mr. Grey. Which makes me question my sanity.
as for the pace of the book. It started off slow. and about half way, it got better. I believe the second book is my favorite. It honestly took me to long to read and I partly blame the pace.
Now the best part of the book? the part I'VE been waiting for?
Christian realizing what he and Ms. Robinson had, was...WRONG.
It's sad to see that he couldn't see it before then, but when he finally did, I could hug the control freak. No matter what he's done. He didn't deserve what happened to him. No one does. and finally hearing about how that Elena bitch kiss him and slapped him grossed the shit out of me. They should of had that talk a longgg time ago. They should of had a LOT of chats like that to be truthful. But then again...This is Fifty Shades. about S&M. Not the best romance ever.
I'm giving this book a 3 1/2 because I did finish it. It had SOME aspects I liked. But the characters were too fusrating for me to truely enjoy this book. I congratulate Ms. James though for writing and getting published. That's a fret all Fanfiction writers dream of, and I'm likely jealous of her acommplishments.
Next time she writes a book though? Lack off the Fanfic formula and write characters who aren't as control, nor blind.

That's all peeps.

Happy Readings!

Tiff's Rating: THREE IN A HALF cookies. out of five.


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