Monday, June 11, 2012

The Selection By Kiera Cass

My Reaction/Review to "The Selection" By Kiera Cass.

The Following Review has SPOILERS!
Please, if you have not read the book, refrain from reading this review before hand. Rated: PG/PG13.


I had a set goal for this book. To finish this book before "The Golden Lily" release. I finished it before the goal. Because it was THAT GOOD!

I see a lot of people comparing it to "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins. And though it's in the same family of books, I really don't think it's anything like it. I also know people Refuse to read this book because the Writer behaved rather unpleasant to a reader, but I don't judge a book based on the person who wrote the book. A good story is a good story. Doesn't matter who wrote it.

The Selection is about girls signing up for a chance to be Queen. Not forced. Of course for America Singer, it's a little different. She doesn't want to be queen. She just wants to marry her boyfriend, Aspen.

I adored America. She's stubborn, Sarcastic and strong. She has her beliefs and no prince or crown is gonna change that. I loved it. The book overall has a very "The Bachelor" feel to it. Mixed in some fairytale element.

Of course the relationships are the main focus on the book. Which is fine. The boys both has reasons for you root for, but personally, I'm more of a Prince Maxon girl. He's so socially awkward, he's adorable. And easily won my heart. He and America flowed really well together and within chapters they had me Squee-ing! I found myself laughing over and over as well. I loved them. I can definitely see America becoming queen and Maxon becoming a better king with America at his side. He still has some mystery to him which is great. And keeps the reader invested in finding out more about him. I know some find the Prince boring but I actually find Aspen on the boring side. The only thing the Aspen & America pairing ever does is make out. (which is nice, but Aspen still feels like a stranger to me.) One thing I can say about Aspen is he's full of pride.  And when he does do the honorable thing he takes it back at the end. Making things complicated. Maybe it's because I hate when a couple is already together in a book. (I like to see the build up)  but I just can't rooting for Aspen. Not when Prince Maxon's in the picture. I feel like Aspen as a character is a space filler.
In other words:


Now. Moving on.

This book was what I consider a quick read. It's so good it had my twitter followers asking what I was reading so emotionally. Because I was spazzing out all over the place. The pace is perfect and the characters are so well crafted (Except Aspen) that the book would make you Want to be selected yourself. I know I already sent my form in! Have you? Haha!
I can't not wait to continue the ride Ms. Cass created. I definitely have high hopes for the next book. It's clearly going to magical!

Happy Readings!

Tiff's Rating: FIVE cookies out of five.


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