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Fifty Shades Of Grey by E.L James

Review of 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' By E.L. James

The Following Review has SPOILERS.
Please if you have not read the book, do reframe from reading this review before hand.

Rated: M For Mature Readers.

This book is complicated. Much like Christan Grey. First and foremost lets state the facts. It's obvious that it was once a Twilight Fanfic on the web. The Writer doesn't try to hide from that. The similarities are...apparent. That asided, The book invokes mixed emotions from me personally. Though I all for some good sensual romance, like Ana, I'm new to S&M. I've never been a fan to the concept, which is what is so shocking about me reading this book. My sister insisted I read it. I did. and now I'm sitting here replaying everything in my head. Did I like it? Hm. It's a fifty-fifty for me, no pun intended. On one side, I like the compullsion of the book. Like the main character I wish to know all about Christan myself but then there's the other side of me that wants to kick him in the babymaker for being so controlling. But I suspected there was more to the story involving that part of him. and I was interested to know. curiousty has got the best of me, I have read the second book after all. 
 Christian Grey is just as he is decribed. beauitful but deeply flawed. He obvious is one of those victims that don't believe anything is wrong with what has happened to him. when it's obvious to everyone else. it's fustrating to read as a reader because the whole time you want to strangle the man and the ones responsable for his his mind set.
Ana, to me as a character is a lot like "Bella Swan" in this book. She's blinded by good looks and those sweet rare moments to see that Christan is quite dominating. She knows he hurts her, yet she goes back for more. Again I understand her curiousness. As I admitted, I am too. But when someone even admits he wants to hurt her, and talks about gagging her and putting her in a crete one would be out of their mind to go back. Joking or not. (which he admitted wasn't a joke..) I think even I would run away.
Christian is currect. He is fifty shades of fucked up and Ana is to curious for her own good. Many around the world are talking about this series, and it seems everywhere I look I see people loving it or hating it. either way it's talked about. The other day I saw it on the Dr. Oz show. With adult women who are married and claims it helps them in the bedroom. Which I could definately see how. It's sensual and very decriptive. Which means Teenagers/Children should not be reading this book. It has it's good things and it's bad. and it's definately intriguing in a 'stays in my personal closet sort of way.'
The ending of the book however did please me greatly. A lot of people will find that suprising but I felt like the ending was needed. To have Christian grow as a character, and maybe enlighten him to other people's emotions rather then being the 'dominating' person that he is. Before I read the next book, It was that hope that had me even considering opening the next. And if your new to the series, enjoy reading, but do it with critical eyes as I have. The writing style was overall easy going. Everything is easy to picture and it has a unspeakable element that makes people continue on till the next page and the next. It also makes you question what one would do in a similiar situation. What is your limit? How would you response to such a request? Where the book lacks in plot it makes up for in conversty. That's for sure. Keep that in mind sweethearts and if you have no problem with BDMS and Pricks with a rough past then maybe this is the book for you. As a whole, the book is intense and if your into that kind of thing, go a head. pick up the book. It will
open your mind to the kind of sexual experiences that is rarely talked about.

Happy Reading lovelies,

Tiff's Rating: TWO AND A HALF cookies out of five.


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